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Image caption, John and his wife, Joan, are publicising what happened to warn other people to be vigilant A year-old man fought off an intruder who tried to force his way into his home.

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John suffered cuts and extensive bruising trying to stop the man, who tried to get into the property in Lincoln on Tuesday by claiming he needed to check the lights. He and his wife Joan, 97, said they were very shaken up by the incident.

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Police have appealed for information. It is the second attack at their home in six months and the couple said they wanted to publicise what happened to warn others about the risks of answering the door to strangers. He must have been frightened. There was blood all over.

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This is the second time it has happened in six months. A handbag and purse were stolen. Lincolnshire Police said they were investigating the latest attack, and another nearby on the same day where cash was stolen from a woman in her 90s.

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Ch Insp Phil Baker said: "These two incidents are clearly concerning because they involve elderly and vulnerable victims. Related Topics.

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